Rural Tourism & Hands-On Experiences

Living Cultural & Participatory Experiences



Peru has a cultural wealth at the height of great and millenary civilizations in humanity’s history.

Our visitors have the opportunity to ‘go back to the past’ and live pre-Incan, Incan, colonial and republican Andean traditions manifested through local gastronomy, art, communal customs, hand crafts, music and more.

Visitors who wish to journey through our territory, step by step, have the opportunity to be part of the reality of the rural living experiences of the local population: in farmers´ dwellings, with families who have prepared their houses in order to lodge guests and who are willing to show them their way of life, customs and traditions –such as that of plowing the fields with oxen, preparing bread and chicha, participating in offering ceremonies to Mother Earth, planting and sowing the crops of the area, going on hikes to their usual destinations such as the market, as well as taking part in customs and practices kept through time.

In TAMBO DEL CAMINANTE’s immediate geographical area, inhabitants of two communities of the Sacred Valley open their doors to visitors, in order to share their daily life experiences with them. Your stay allows you to directly participate in farming activities, celebrations and rituals, achieving a true live exchange, in balance with nature. In addition, it is possible to relive multi-millenary myths and traditions in contact with local inhabitants.

By choosing community-based tourism, you’ll be respecting the place you are visiting and its ancestral stewards, while still enjoying an unforgettable journey.

  • Hands-on experience with another culture: see, hear, touch, taste, and do things you might never have done otherwise.
  • Deeper connection with people and place: interact directly with individuals and gain immediate knowledge of how you are impacting each other’s lives.
  • Empathy and awareness of other cultures: gain a new perspective on culture, both your own and others, and how it shapes our lives.
  • Greater control over where your money is going: ensure your tourism dollars support local communities in beneficial and sustainable ways.

Engage in community-based tourism in the Sacred Valley with TAMBO DEL CAMINANTE. Value people over profit, and help sustain indigenous communities while experiencing another culture and another way of being.